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Design/Build Services in Columbus, OH

At Contracting Solutions, we work hard to provide all types of contracting services to businesses throughout Ohio and have completed projects in 14 other states. We offer design/build services for retail, food service, financial institutions, healthcare, restaurants, offices, education, and more. Whether you require a simple addition, quick remodel, or an entire reconstruction and renovation, we’re here to help.

contractor reviewing building plans

What Is Design/Build Construction?

Traditionally, the owner of a project has to manage both the designer, who may have a subconsultant, and also a contractor, who may need to work with a subcontractor. In design/build project delivery, the owner works directly with the entity, streamlining the process through one single point of contact and responsibility. Our client and contractor work together every step of the way, forming a bond and uniting as a team to accomplish every task. If there are any changes, suggestions, or specific needs, they are addressed by the entire team together. In short, everyone is always on the same page. We work closely with our expert architect partners to ensure consistency across the board. From the very initial call to the final completion and walkthrough, we promise you our diligent attention to detail and professionalism.

Why Contracting Solutions?

The design/build mentality is the way forward. By having everyone on the same page at every step of the process, you minimize the back-and-forth and focus on completing projects on time and on budget. That’s what we bring to the table. We don’t believe that the design/build principle is an “alternative” way of accomplishing tasks, but the correct way. Guarantee completion of your project without dealing with multiple entities and causing frustrations by hiring Contracting Solutions for your design-build services in central Ohio.

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