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Construction Planning in Columbus, OH

One of our many services offered at Contracting Solutions is construction planning and management. We believe that the key to a successful construction project is thorough planning and implementation. This planning phase, called pre-construction, includes research, data, and polling to see what is needed before a project even begins. As you may have guessed, this takes years of experience working hands-on with every aspect of construction and contracting. At Contracting Solutions, we have the experience and knowledge of working with some of the best Ohio has to offer. Our teams have worked on all types of construction projects, installations, renovations, and remodels, big and small. Before you start a project, hire our team to conduct professional and in-depth pre-construction management.

Construction Management Solutions

The other aspect of construction contracting is management. A common misconception about construction is that you only need a construction manager on large scale projects that will span many weeks or months. As a result, many types of smaller projects seem to fall behind, cost more than estimated, or lack the resources to complete. Construction projects require astute management from a general contractor to oversee each development and make sure each process is completed on time and under budget.

Why Hire a Construction Manager?

Having a construction manager prevents potential issues from arising throughout the project process such as overlapping schedules, lack of materials and resources, and growing frustrations. At Contracting Solutions, we act on behalf of an owner to review the plans for potential problems, implement a construction schedule, qualify subcontractors, and oversee other various key processes. This helps assure a successful, time-efficient, and safe completed project. If you’re on the fence about whether you need a construction manager or not, give us a call. We’ll be able to help you identify your assets and put in place a plan that can guarantee success.

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